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3 Types of Underwater Maintenance Your Vessel Needs

Every owner of a boat or ship needs to perform regular maintenance on their vessel to ensure that it can continue to operate in a good working condition. Vessel owners and captains need to consider three major types of underwater maintenance.

Repairing Hull Plates

The hull of the ship is designed to stay underwater for years at a time, and it is, therefore, susceptible to normal wear and tear over the course of its operations. The hull plates can become cracked and corroded over time. There are many companies and underwater services that offer cost-effective solutions to vessel owners.

If hull plates are not maintained or replaced, damage can threaten the safety and efficiency of the vessel. Underwater services specialise in fixing damaged hull plates. Damaged sections of the hull can be removed, and new plates can be welded in their place. Some underwater services can install cofferdams while the ship is anchored in the harbour.

Polishing The Propellers

Propellers can become rough and inefficient over time. Polishing propellers will make propellers more efficient. It will also save money over time as regular polishing will prolong the lifespan of the mechanisms and the propeller. It is advised to use experts during the polishing process to avoid inflicting permanent damage to the propeller and its mechanisms.

Polishing can be done using abrasive discs and chemicals to remove barnacles and algae, and it will help to prevent the build-up of growth over time. Propeller maintenance will also help vessel owners to save on fuel. Frequent propeller polishing will undoubtedly make sure that the vessel can operate safely and efficiently.

Cleaning The Hull

Keeping the hull clean is arguably the most important part of vessel maintenance, as it focuses on prevention rather than replacing or repairing a major part of the vessel. Divers use specialised machinery to remove unwanted growths and other forms of marine life on the hull of the vessel. Growths may reduce the speed and efficiency of the vessel.

Regular hull cleaning is also used to monitor the condition of the vessel’s underside, including the paint. The cleaning process can help maintenance workers to identify problems early on.

Maintenance services use advanced equipment and procedures to make sure a vessel stays in good working condition.