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How Florida Created An Underwater Casino

Florida has a brand-new diving attraction for tourists and gambling enthusiasts. The tanker ship ‘’Lady Luck’’ was purposefully sunk in 2016 off Florida’s southern coast in the hopes that it would become a hotspot for divers and gambling enthusiasts.

This exhibit is now the centrepiece of Shipwreck Park in Pompano Beach. Underwater surveyors and specialists wanted to create an underwater casino. Dennis MacDonald created casino-themed art and decorations, such as an Isle Casino Racing sign on the top deck. Divers who enter the chambers of the ship will uncover its many secrets.

Even though the attraction doesn’t feature actual underwater gambling, divers will find card-slinging octopuses, underwater poker tables, and even underwater slot machines. MacDonald even mentioned repurposing general parts of the ship to create his art. Many materials that were salvaged from inside the tanker were used to create casino decorations.

Divers will also find statues of life-sized mermaids, shark statues, and an interactive underwater art exhibit that displays locally produced artwork. The underwater art exhibit and artificial reefs hope to attract thousands of divers annually. Marine specialists said that the ship would promote coral growth and will attract fish species to the location.

The whole project took about two months to complete. Lady Luck is bound to inspire thrill-seekers and gambling enthusiasts who are looking for an underwater experience unlike any other.

However, all the awe-inspiring experiences don’t just occur underwater. Pompano Beach features restaurants, sandy beaches, playgrounds, markets, and most notably, The Isle Casino Pompano Park, which exhibits a racing track and casino complex.

Avid gamblers can also engage in online gambling via https://griffon-casino.org/ while enjoying the beautiful beaches and attractions in Pompano Beach. Enjoy a range of gambling activities online after diving to see the latest underwater casino attraction in Pompano Beach.