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Underwater Surveying

Most Advanced Equipment Used For Underwater Surveying

Experts use a range of specialised equipment to conduct surveys underwater. From sonars to sound speed profilers, each piece of equipment plays a special role in producing accurate data for surveying.

Water Level Stations

Accurate water level measurements are required to complement accurate hydrographic survey operations. The water levels are measured with a tide gauge that consists of a computer that is placed inside a weather-proof case. The computer is connected to an orifice on the seafloor and uses satellite uplink capability to take measurements.

GPS For Surveying

GPS systems are required for nearly all position measurements in hydrography. The location information and measurements can be used for survey ships and launches. Accurate positioning is required for underwater salvage operations and other underwater operations.

Sound Speed Profilers

Surveyors can measure the density of the water with sound velocity profilers. The sensors allow users to sample many density profiles, including gauging the temperature, conductivity, and depth of the water.

Laser Scanners

Expert surveyors use topographic lasers on their survey launches to locate and measure features on the ocean floor, such as islets, rocks, and small islands. The computer uses precise positioning data to determine the height and location of an underwater object.


Lidar survey systems can be mounted on aircraft to provide seamless surveying between land and sea. The ranging and light detection technology measures depth or elevation by analysing the reflection of pulses of laser light that bounce off an object.

Multibeam Sonars

Multibeam echo sounders transmit sound energy and analyse the return signal that bounces off other objects on the seafloor. This technology can be used to analyse dangers to navigation, wrecks, and other obstructions during surveying.

Side Scan Sonars

Survey operations use side-scan sonar systems for both object recognition and detection. The sonar systems are typically used in conjunction with other sonar systems to create more coverage for coastal surveys. Sonars are particularly useful for conducting hydrographic survey operations.

Surveying projects use advanced technology and equipment for anything from underwater investigations to preparing underwater construction sites. Find out more about underwater surveying and other projects by following articles on Osiris Marine Services.